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How to Discover Your Child's Or Yourself True Potential in Different Intelligent Field Using Talent-By-Brainwaves Test Methodology

We offer neural assessment analysis for different age groups based on brain assessment tools. Our analysis aims to discover your child’s or yourself true potential in different intelligence field.

Know Your Talents

We offer different test package base on age group. Choose the group that represent your age. Simply click on the icon to find out more.


4 – 7 years

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8 – 10 years

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About Us

Verbatoria provide talents-by-brainwave test technology in the fields of a Child‘s early development, Teenagers and Adults in career coaching and also Human Resources

The company has been operating since 2014 and Malaysia first set up is located in Penang.  Its certified specialist carries out unique Talent-By-Brainwave testing for children, teenagers and adults based on seven talent edges (TQ). Testing is held by age groups that guarantees an individual approach to the assessment and not comparison with norms as in traditional methods. Ever since then, the company has been growing and now available at 160 locations in 18 countries with latest set up in Memphis, USA.

What We Do

  • We help to determine your child’s Talent Quotient in math, music, languages, sports, creativity. You will also get a score on your child’s thinking type – analytical or visual to know best fit learning approach.
  • We help to provide Matching Talent Quotient (TQ) vs every school class requirement. Visual hint for parents and teachers on child’s green and red zone.
  • We measure Attention and Memory for each area of talent and offer the optimal mode for the best results. Every child needs an individual approach of workload scheduling.
  • We help employer to understand what their employee skills are, what their talent is and if they are the right person to carry the job that fits their emotional intelligent.
  • We help employee or employee to be to understand what their meta-skills are and what fits most to their talent in career searching. 
  • We help to provide one to one personal engagement with individual instead on groups.  We strongly believe every person is different from each other and services requirements will be different.

Why Brain Potential Assessment

  • The only generally available test that measures directly the brain itself.
  • The only test that doesn’t score individual to benchmark standards.
  • The only test where answer doesn’t matter.
  • The only patented Talent Quotient using brainwave measurement. 

Click on link below to find out more on reading materials available and  certificates. 

What people says About Us

The service very useful for me to know more deeper about my boy and understand how to help him in terms of his academic an what to expose him into some activities that can bring benefit for my boy

Jessica Low


Great Experiences. Very true about my daughter strengths and weakness. She loves it. 

Veronica Teoh


Thank you so much Verbatoria, it's really good program to recognize my kid's talent. 

Sitra Jayaraman


Thank you so much for giving chance to my GDD daughter assessment based in her capability. Good program to recognize our child talent. 

Dr. Hafizah


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News Update

[Verbatoria Malaysia is now open for Sub-Licensing Opportunity].

We are offering unique and differentiated services to entrepreneurs who wish to grow in Edutech market. Please contact us for more details on what Verbatoria could offer.

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