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How to Discover Your Child's True Potential in Math, Languages, Music, Creativity and Sports by Neuro-psychologic methodology

We offer neural assessment analysis for different age groups based on brain assessment tools. Our analysis aims to discover your child’s true potential in – Math, Languages, Sports, Creativity, Music etc.

Know Your Talents

By our Neural Assessment Test Package

Ecological Development

4 – 7 years

Ecological Development

Choose School and Class

8 – 10 years

Mathematican Humanitarian

11 – 14 years


Verbatoria offer neural assessment which evaluates inborn abilities of a human with respect to math, music, creativity, languages, sports. It is based on measuring brain activity during simple tests using wearable Brain Computer Interface (pBCI).

The company has been operating since 2014 and Malaysia first set up is located in Penang.  Its certified specialist carries out unique neural assessment testing for kids, teenagers and adults on seven talent edges (TQ). Testing is held by age groups that guarantees an individual approach to the assessment and not comparison with norms as in traditional methods.

What people saysAbout Us

Thank you so much Verbatoria, it’s really good program to recognize my kid’s talent

Sitra Jayaraman

Great Experiences. Very true about my daughter strengths and weakness. She loves it.

Veronica Teoh
Penang, Malaysia

The service very useful for me to know more deeper about my boy and understand how to help him in term of his academic and what to expose him into some activities that can bring great benefit for my boy.

Jessica Low
Penang, Malaysia

Thank you so much for giving chance to my GDD daughter assessment based in her capability. Good program to recognize our child talent

Hafizah Binti Hashim


News Release
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” Verbatoria is proud to announce our latest Risk Propensity Report released recently.  

Click on the video to watch Sergey Raudsepp, Founder and CEO of Verbatoria talks about how and why age dynamics, gender differences and phenomena plays important role in risk taking. “

13th April 2020

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