How Does It Works?

Step 1


Recording of brainwaves is carried out with the help of ultra-light secure sensor NeuroSky(US) while solving simple tasks from different areas. 

Step 2


The recorded waves are sent to cloud-server and are analyzed automatically by a unique patented algorithm without human participation, matching with one of the 67 million profile variants. 

Step 3


The TQ-report on the intelligence edges (Talent Quotient) clearly and in detail describes the long-terms personal development plan based on your talents.

Understanding Neurometria

Base on the results of research carried out by Verbatoria Neurometria method, it is possible to determine exactly the areas of the kid’s learning that will be most effective for him and will fully help him to realize all his talents. 

This will also help to avoid wasting time and money on improperly chosen, useless training courses and classes. The correct choice of the kid’s educational direction based on his natural talents and inclinations, will make the process of education more effective and productive. This will be a clearly structured process that reveals all the talents of the kid and helps him to realize his full potential, and not to change numerous classes, sections and courses. 

Practicing of this method in preschool educational institutions will allow to carry out a comparative assessment of entire groups of students, to study the development process in dynamics, as well as to select the most optimal educational approach on the basis of the results. In the future, schools and higher education institutions can use these results in order to analyze in detail the history of the development of individual talents and abilities of an applicant.

The assessment report is not a standard medical certificate. This is an assessment of the kid’s natural talents, performed by seven vectors of intelligence.

Briefly, the assessment principle of this method is the following:

  • Neurometria of the field shows the effectiveness of the development of talents in this field.
  • The assessment is not aimed at determining the present level of the kid’s abilities in a field.
  • It shows whether the kid will be able to achieve great success in the future here, or it is necessary to redirect the concentration to another field.

Report Example

Verbatoria Report
Risk Report
Mindfulness Report

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