Understanding Neurometria

Neurometria of abilities, or talent quotient (TQ) is a unique method of analyzing the natural potential of a person (child, teenager, adult) using an algorithm for analyzing the individual characteristics of the brain while performing simple standard tasks in different areas. Unlike any other test, the method does not examine a person’s skills or abilities, but only identifies areas that will be easier or more difficult to develop in relation to the others. It is also important that a person’s talents are not compared with any age norms or tables. The method is actively used in career guidance in secondary schools, development centers, sport sections all over Russia and abroad. Verbatoria clients are parents who care about the harmonious development of the kids, as well as specialists in psychology, administration of kids’ institutions, representatives of business world, HR specialists, and parents who are worried about the future of their kids. With the help of modern neurometry methods you can identify all the talents and abilities of the kids that will determine their future.


The Importance of determining a person’s abilities and natural talent. 

Most experts agree that every kid is born with at least some talent. And it is very important to support the development of all available talents and abilities. It is not a rare situation that because of omissions and mistakes in the development of natural talents in childhood, an adult cannot find his place in life. He chooses the wrong profession, and as a result he often has to change jobs. Finally, he finds himself in despair, he suffers from his own inferiority and feels like a loser.

As you know, school and parents make a great contribution to the choice of future profession. And it is an extremely rare thing that the desires of parents and their kids regarding the choice of higher education coincide. Parents do not always manage to guess and determine in which area their kid will be able to realize his full potential.

But today there is a special method that makes possible to understand exactly the features of each person, to reveal his talents and propensities. This method is Neurometria and it is successfully practiced by Verbatoria specialists. It helps parents to make a right choice of educational institution, club, class, where their kids will be able to fully realize their talents and continue to develop the abilities inherent by nature.


The importance for a company of determining an employee’s potential.

The method of Neurometria is also suitable for employers and recruiters of staff. And if more recently the key parameters when applying for a job were experience, qualification, age, today the individual abilities of the employee are the priority. These are the abilities and talents that will help the employee to bring maximum benefit to his employer.


Theoretical aspects and features of the method.

Human brain has always been an attractive object for research. For centuries, scientists around the world have tried to unravel the mysteries of his work. The brain is made up of billions of interdependent nerve cells. The capacity of brain is astounding, and it holds many secrets that humanity has yet to unravel.

One of the foundations of the scientific base of Neurometria is the theory of the American psychologist Howard Gardner. He became world-famous through the creation of the theory of multiple intelligences.

Verbatoria carries out neuro-testing that allow kids to determine their talents and help them to choose the direction of their further development, as well as to select the staff, that will show the most effective results. Besides, this method can be used to find points of interaction between different people, to eliminate interpersonal and family conflict situations. Testing is carried out by age groups, that makes it possible to personalize the research and ensures more accurate results in assessing the inborn abilities and talents.


The method of Neurometria is the following:

  1. Innovative developments in the field of neuro-technology allow to receive high-quality results of brain activity research not only when a person is in a certain state, but also while doing daily tasks.
  2. Almost a century of research in the field of neuropsychology allowed to form a map of brain functionality with the designation of the location of higher mental functions. Elaboration of efficient methods of neuropsychological diagnostics allows to carry out extensive testing of parts and functions of the brain, the peculiarities of its activities.
  3. The development of understanding of intelligence in the dynamics from the overall assessment of IQ to more specific indicators of research of different activities initiated the formation of the seven main types of human talents. Neurometria allows you to analyse each type in order to determine the level of development of a certain ability. But the main aim is to identify potential opportunities for development through the study of certain indicators of the brain.


Base on the results of research carried out by Verbatoria Neurometria method, it is possible to determine exactly the areas of the kid’s learning that will be most effective for him and will fully help him to realise all his talents. This will also help to avoid wasting time and money on improperly chosen, useless training courses and classes. The correct choice of the kid’s educational direction based on his natural talents and inclinations, will make the process of education more effective and productive. This will be a clearly structured process that reveals all the talents of the kid and helps him to realize his full potential, and not to change numerous classes, sections and courses. Practicing of this method in preschool educational institutions will allow to carry out a comparative assessment of entire groups of students, to study the development process in dynamics, as well as to select the most optimal educational approach on the basis of the results. In the future, schools and higher education institutions can use these results in order to analyze in detail the history of the development of individual talents and abilities of an applicant.


The assessment report is not a standard medical certificate. This is an assessment of the kid’s natural talents, performed by seven vectors of intelligence. Briefly, the assessment principle of this method is the following: Neurometria of the field shows the effectiveness of the development of talents in this field. The assessment is not aimed at determining the present level of the kid’s abilities in a field. But it shows whether the kid will be able to achieve great success in the future here, or it is necessary to redirect the concentration to another field.